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Hero Ingredients

My Perfect Facial contains the following hero ingredients to lift, tone and firm skin, encourage active skin cell turnover whilst delivering a surge of hydration.


A proteolytic enzyme extracted from raw papaya that has natural gentle exfoliating properties which work to break down proteins, such as pore-clogging, acne-causing dead skin cells and damaged keratin. Using Papain will leave you with a smooth and renewed complexion.

Sea Algae

A rich source of pore-clearing antioxidants and amino acids. Its primary benefit is its inhibition of the enzymes which break down collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which keep skin supple and plump.

Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant that acts as an invisible shield and skin protector. It enhances skin moisturisation and strengthens the skin barrier. Vitamin E also assists in cell restoration and repairs and minimizes sun damage and scars.


A unique peptide that relaxes muscles, preventing repetitive contracting movements which cause wrinkles and expression lines. This ingredient can have wonderful anti-ageing effects in areas prone to creases, such as around the eyes and forehead.

Vitamin B

Acts to protect the skin's barrier and helps the skin retain its moisture levels. It allows your skin to retain water, this ingredient keeps skin soft and supple. Vitamin B5 helps in the production of fibroblasts in the dermal layer, which in turn produces Elastin protein that gives skin its elasticity.


Moisturiser and exfoliator for the skin. Keeps skin hydrated by preventing the transfer of water through the layers of skin, resulting in skin that looks younger and plumper.


Absorbs deep into the skin quickly and easily for intense moisturising without clogging pores. It also helps to repair the skin barrier and protect against environmental aggressors.

In A Clinical Trial...

Don’t just take our word for it.

We’re so confident in the results of our product, we had it clinically tested. The results are impressive against the major signs of skin ageing. Don’t resort to a cosmetic face lift or a neck lift until you have tried My Perfect Facial for yourself.

After just one application of My Perfect Facial, the following results were recorded:

of people reported an improvement in skin texture and smoothness

of people reported an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles

of people reported an improvement in skin elasticity

of people reported their skin felt firmer

of people reported their skin appeared lifted