My Perfect Foundation Brush
My Perfect Foundation Brush
My Perfect Foundation Brush
My Perfect Foundation Brush
My Perfect Foundation Brush
My Perfect Foundation Brush

My Perfect Foundation Brush

Performance Foundation Brush for a Flawless Finish
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My Perfect Foundation Brush is our performance-proven foundation brush guaranteed to perfect that pro, flawless finish. 

The key to second-skin coverage is expert blending. With our Performance Foundation Brush, crafted with dense, tapered synthetic fibres, you can master the art of seamless foundation application without the risk of streaking.

The soft fibres evenly disperse your foundation so that you don’t waste a drop of your precious My Perfect Foundation formula.

Benefits You'll Love
  • Seamlessly blend your My Perfect Foundation for a beautiful, flawless finish
  • Designed to deliver an even, all-over application of make-up without any mess or streaking
  • Easy to layer on your make-up to achieve designed final coverage
The Need To Know

What foundation can I use with My Perfect Performance Foundation Brush?

We highly recommend using this pro-tool in conjunction with My Perfection Foundation, our luxurious, color adapting matte velvet foundation. Our fuss-free flawless textured foundation blurs our lines and imperfections and disguises pores for a younger-looking you. Applied with our professional quality foundation brush, you can achieve a beautiful air-brushed effect. 

To view our comprehensive product and company FAQs, please click HERE.

Suited To

All skin tones and types

How To Use

We want you to get the very best out of using My Perfect Performance Foundation Brush, so we recommend following these instructions.

1. For an impeccable, airbrushed finish every time, first apply a small amount of My Perfect Foundation to the back of your hand. 

2. Start with just one pump for medium coverage and build for fuller coverage by applying more product.

3. Pick up the foundation with your brush.

4. Starting in the center of the face and working outward in a gentle circular motion, blend onto your skin using short strokes.

5. Blend evenly into the jawline and hairline for a more natural and even overall finish. This way, you’ll achieve a beautiful second-skin appearance.